Keynote Speaker

KeynoteSpeakerClients, professional development associations and civic organizations have called on Dr. Patterson for his knowledge and experience in talent development to deliver keynote presentations at meetings and conferences. His sense of humor and personable nature engages the audience in thinking about the important topics of leadership and its primary role in building organizational capacity and business success.

Speaking Topics

Defying Gravity: The Unique Journey into Technical Leadership

Technical expertise got you to this point. Now as a leader you have to let it go, step up, and lead the organization with a different mindset and focus.

Leadership is about Getting Smart, not Being Smart

In a volatile and ever-changing world, an effective leader must be dynamic, always on the edge of the known and unknown. Being smart is not enough to compete in the future. Getting smart and always learning keeps you in the game.

How to Move from an Expert to a Position of Strategic Leadership

Whether as a leader of people or a high level individual contributor, moving from an expert to a strategic leader requires three major shifts, two unique perspectives, and one humongous leap.

Working as a Partner & Strategist to the Business

While collaboration is critical for organizational success, breakthrough improvement and innovation require on-going dialogue fostered through relationships as partners, moving far beyond win-win outcomes.

How to Build a Culture of Accountability, Trust, and Performance

The dynamics in the marketplace create tremendous pressure on organizations to perform consistently at the highest level. As a leader, the key is to embed both adaptability and accountability into the culture, the way in which your organization does business.

Strategic Thinking and Asking Why: A 21st Century Survival Skill

Seeing and understanding the bigger picture is no longer a luxury. The ability to understand what’s most important, then to focus and harness the organization in the right direction can mean the difference between survival and extinction.

“I first met Alan at an international conference in Montreal and immediately sensed his terrific ability to connect with audiences to get his message across. He develops credible and valuable content for his presentations. I always learn something when I have the opportunity to interact with Alan.”  

— Chris McKittrick, CPA/CGMA, MBA, CFE, Lecturer – Department of Accounting, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University