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An important element in leading is the leaders ability to adapt. In terms of behavior, adaptability is based on two components: understanding the situation and understanding the people involved in the situation.

Hersey and Blanchard created the concept of situational leadership that takes two elements – the task itself and the maturity level of the individual(s) involved – to prescribe one of four styles of leadership and when to use them effectively:

  • Telling
  • Selling
  • Participating
  • Delegating

Building on the elements of organizational climate, experts describe six distinct leadership styles:

  1. Directive
  2. Visionary
  3. Affiliative
  4. Participative
  5. Pacesetting
  6. Coaching

Learn which style (or styles) you use most often.

Your use of different styles speaks to your ability to effectively impact individual and team performance.

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