market-technologyNew markets, new products, increased competition, razor thin margins, technological innovations and global business trends create both pressures and opportunities for almost every business in the technology sector. The organizations that adapt and assimilate these changes into their strategy and business processes are better prepared for success. By adapting to change this creates a business opportunity rather than a business environment that succumbs to the chaos and pain that continuous change and competitive pressure can inflict.

How do these businesses create the organizational agility needed to compete swiftly and decisively? The key is technical leadership, leadership of a unique variety. Technical leadership is more than technical competence. It is a distinctive blend of technical credibility, relationship management and business savvy. Successful technical leaders build agile organizations that not only respond to the needs of their customers but also shape the environment in which their customers can succeed both now and in the future.

Technology-smThe development of technical leaders is a core component of Mentoré’s services, specifically, the use of the roadmap needed for the transition from technical expert to strategic organizational leader. Each stage in the transition is important for mandatory shifts in focus, mindset and perspective. Mentoré has helped departments like internal IT groups and engineering teams learn how to improve how they work with their internal business partners, to pre-empt the daily barrage of fire fighting through more proactive communication and problem solving. The Mentoré Method embeds leadership development into the unique requirements of the position and defines a strategy for leaders in technology to determine which skill sets and behaviors they need to master. One of the most often cited takeaways from participants in Mentoré’s workshops is a change in perspective for why and how they need to step up and lead their part of the enterprise rather than just give directions and answer technical questions.

“As a former IT Director, I know firsthand what it takes to build credibility as an internal service provider who adds real value to the business. Mentoré showed us how to develop our capabilities so that our partners recognized and respected our contribution to major business decisions.”

— Becky Everett, Managing Director of Operations, Los Altos United Methodist Church