market-manufacturingIn an environment where change dominates, companies and organizations must be built to compete. Nowhere is this more prominent than in manufacturing. Today’s manufacturing is based on razor thin margins, which create enormous pressure to simultaneously contain costs and improve quality. No longer is it solely about machine pumping out metal, now it is also about workforce performance. It also means that each person has a responsibility to take ownership not only for their performance, but their professional development as well.

Mentoré has a long career in working with manufacturing organizations, from mature businesses looking to capture greater market share to biotech companies looking to increase yield and the introduction of new products into the pipeline. While the manufacturing fundamentals are similar across businesses and the need to increase efficiencies is universal, the focus and timing of making improvements and incorporating changes varies widely. Yet again, successful change requires effective leadership.

It is not uncommon for a manufacturing client to request management training as the solution for long-term performance improvements. However, we believe that training alone does not improve execution. Mentoré works closely with its manufacturing clients to understand the context for leadership and to align leadership with strategy, processes, roles and skill requirements. Frequently these initiatives include working with the senior executive team to get below the surface of buzzwords like working in silos to the specific requirements for changing the culture, increasing personal accountability, improving communication, working cross-functionally and clarifying roles and responsibilities. The Mentoré Method emphasizes that the key to changing the culture is changing behavior. Changing behavior of this magnitude requires a roadmap, the tools and techniques for setting and managing clear expectations and a leadership team that’s up to the task. Within these parameters, training has a purpose and supports rather than attempts to drive the culture to one of improved performance and accountability.

“As a manufacturer dealing in the highly competitive automotive market, the alignment of our Leadership Team is imperative to the success of our business. We work with Mentoré to help facilitate our Leadership Team’s focus on the strategic elements of our business while managing day-to-day involvement in normal operational activities.”  

— Steve Peterson, CEO, Mid-States Aluminum