market-healthcareThe upheaval is today’s healthcare system has everyone scrambling. The focus on outcomes-based results, from competency-based education to payment reimbursement, impacts the entire system of service delivery. The impact of these new requirements is nothing less than a different way of doing business.

Successful healthcare leaders need to create organizational capability based on a systems and strategic perspective, which is difficult to do given the overwhelming pressures to deliver services, contain costs and satisfy customers on a daily basis.

Mentoré’s experience in organizational development, which is, working with leadership teams to focus on issues of organizational alignment and adaptability, is readily applicable to the healthcare industry. Mentoré’s expertise in competency-based professional development and focus on outcomes enables healthcare professionals to lead unprecedented organizational changes related to more accountability, greater clarity and better alignment across the entire enterprise. Our approach to healthcare is to focus on building leadership capabilities, specifically in the areas of: leading change, building high performance teams, walking in the customer’s shoes and taking a more strategic perspective in managing the business.