Learning from Those That You Lead

Blog 1015 Learning ImageLeadership is the ability to influence how others think and feel to the point they take decisive and responsible action. When others believe in and trust in you as their leader, they are willing to follow you. This means a leader must be visible, available, approachable and engaged. It is an ongoing process of building credibility – never taking that credibility for granted. Effective leaders understand that every interaction is an opportunity to connect with others, particularly as they interact with their teams.

The Leader as Teacher and Coach

One critical interaction between a leader and a team member is that of a leader as both teacher and coach. Leaders teach and coach their teams in such a way that team members learn through a methodical process of study, practice, real-time execution and feedback. The impact of increased knowledge and experience serves both the individual and the organization.

Good leaders personalize their teachings, often working one-on-one with team members to enhance their strengths and help them meet their challenges. This is smart leadership. It builds confidence. These leaders challenge their team because they believe in their people, and it shows.

The Leader as Learner

One of the most impactful and easily overlooked roles in leadership is that of a learner. Effective leaders speak about the importance and joy of always learning from others, situations and mistakes. One common source of learning is their very own team members. When leaders choose and develop competent individuals who want to learn and develop in their careers, leaders realize that, with vision and guidance, these individuals infuse their knowledge and capability into the organization that makes everyone, including the leader, smarter and more capable.

A leader’s predisposition for learning makes them engaging, wanting to understand what’s around them. Not only do they learn from others, they are driven to learn about others – what is important, what motivates them, their strengths and their challenges. Leaders that are great teachers are also great learners, and this dynamic also makes them great coaches and outstanding bosses.

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