Mentoré Method

An effective leadership development process must stimulate the use of the most effective behaviors where it counts the most—on the job.

All too often leadership development programs are synonymous with multi-day or a series of training courses. This approach looks at leadership as some steady state that is reached through acquiring a laundry list of skills and behaviors. Picture1

In today’s world, leadership is anything but static, and effective leadership is best understood in a dynamic context of each person’s unique roles and responsibilities.

The Mentoré Method is built on three beliefs that focus on the individual leader:

  1. Every job has leadership responsibilities.
  2. Leadership is about getting smart, not being smart.
  3. The person solely responsible for your leadership development is you.

While some leaders are born, most leaders are made. Leadership is an acquired set of competencies, thought processes and perspectives. It is the ability to influence how others think and feel to the point they take decisive and responsible action. An individual becomes an effective leader through deliberate practice and application of the right skills, at the right time and at the right level to produce the desired outcomes.

Mentoré Method Components

The Mentoré Method enables leaders to answer four questions at critical transition points in their careers:

  • Do I know where I’m headed?
  • Do I know how to get there?
  • Do I know who to build relationships with?
  • Do I know what to do?

Answering these questions becomes a dynamic learning and development process through the use of a roadmap, tools and skill development activities and workshops.


The Mentoré Method incorporates the Mentoré Leadership Model, a roadmap that identifies four critical stages of leadership development. Each stage represents a unique perspective and skill set that relate to where, how and with whom you spend your time.



Mentoré tools create a context for leadership development. Using these tools also gives structure for critical discussions with your manager, team and colleagues for more effective alignment of expectations and overall improved execution.

Skill Development Activities & Workshops


The Mentoré Method workshops and skill development activities stress leadership skills at a behavioral level, whether it is how to build a personal base of credibility, lead a team, set clear expectations or work as a partner to the business. Additionally, there is the understanding that, over time, the effective demonstration of some leadership behaviors also require a change in mindset and perspective. For example, while a professional as a leader might learn effective delegation techniques, the “real” challenge may be more about whether the leader can let go of the belief that he or she must have all the right answers, and can allow a team member to fail at a task as part of the learning process. The Mentoré Method stresses that strategic leadership has as much to do with how an individual thinks as well as what they do to achieve business goals.