Leader Evolution: From Technical Expertise to Strategic Leadership

Leader Evolution: From Technical Expertise to Strategic Leadership

About Leader Evolution

Most individuals who move into leadership positions experience the modern day version of trial by ordeal. It’s sink or swim. To reduce the learning curve and create a more effective process, Leader Evolution describes a roadmap for leadership development. A series of four leadership stages helps to expand personal competence as well as create a broader impact on the organization or business. Each stage requires unique changes in thinking, perspective taking and behavior.

The book provides a pragmatic approach for self-motivated individuals to take control of their professional development by giving them the concepts, tools, techniques and assignments to develop their leadership effectiveness where it counts the most—on the job. In addition to new and existing managers, the book is ideally suited for technical leaders—those professionals in technical organizations who are looking to develop critical leadership behaviors that are distinct from technical expertise. These include individuals who are moving on a technical rather than managerial track. The broad application of concepts and techniques also makes this book appealing to organizations developing their leaders as part of broad change initiatives. While the concepts and principles are directed toward the individual for on-the-job application, the book serves as an organizational and leadership development resource for Executive MBA programs as well as a blueprint for in-house leadership development programs.


“My New Go-to guide on leader ascension. Alan Patterson’s insight and advice on progressing through the stages of leadership in a technical organization are incredible. As I read his book, I pictured myself and many of my colleagues at the different stages. It felt intuitive to me as Dr. Patterson explained his concepts and laid out the different stages. I only wish that I had the process drawn out so clearly to me years ago. The simple graphic of the progressive stages of leadership in a technical organization presented in this book showing the path from Expertise, to Credibilty, to Alignment and Execution, to Strategy is powerful. I know now how I am going to respond when asked by up and coming engineers how they can get ahead in our firm. Thank you Dr. Patterson.”   
— Dennise DiPrete, president, DiPrete Engineering