About Mentoré

Every position – as an individual contributor, manager, or executive – has leadership responsibilities. Too often, companies look for leadership only in times of crisis, and at that point it’s too late. Great organizations are constantly building and refining their leadership base.

At Mentoré we bring the greatest value when we help organizations identify, enhance, and grow both individual and organizational leadership capacity.

Mentoré’s sole purpose is to elevate the value of the organization by creating deeper and broader leadership capability. The focus is on developing leadership skills in the unique context of the business, the organization, the roles and responsibilities of the job. We teach, coach, and drive strategies to create an environment in which any goal can be achieved by leveraging the strength and depth of existing talent.

A Challenge for Business


Decades of short-term thinking, heads-down management, and shortsighted behavior have created a crisis in leadership. With fewer role models and the impending loss of talent and experience on the horizon, how will individuals and organizations develop leadership capabilities in an environment that requires pragmatic and cost-effective solutions?

The pace of change in today’s business environment is so much faster than previous decades. Change drives business growth and places tremendous pressure on the performance of key staff. “Moving up the ladder” is a premise that no longer exists in many organizations.

Many talented professionals are thrust into positions and are expected to perform. Changing demographics in the workforce will only increase this trend. Organizations must find ways to adapt to the change and create strategies that improve the skills of their critical professionals.