About Mentoré

Many talented individuals, who are experts in their fields, are rewarded with promotions to leadership positions without the benefit of a development roadmap or significant training. Today, more than ever, it is important for professionals to enhance their own leadership skills and organizations to build and align talent to reach the businesses’ goals.

Mentoré offers a unique approach to leadership training and development to help develop mid- to senior- level executives, through keynote presentations, workshops and executive coaching.

Using insights gained over the past three decades, Mentoré also partners with business leaders to help continuously align the organization’s strategy, roles and expectations through organizational development consulting.

The Mentoré Method

The Mentoré Method is a simple yet unique process based on four distinct stages for leadership development. The development process is evolutionary, meaning that as leaders move through different stages, they acquire and demonstrate specific skills, behaviors and perspectives.

At the heart of the Mentoré Method is the conviction that professionals own their career development; it is not the responsibility of their manager or employer. Therefore a big picture view is needed along with a strategy of what it will take to succeed as one moves forward in their career.

Core Services

Keynote Speaker

Clients, civic organizations and professional associations have called on Dr. Patterson for his knowledge and experience in talent development...

Mentoré Workshops

The Mentoré Method workshops give insights as to how to become a stronger leader by using activities, encouraging leaders to reflect on their own current leadership style....

Organizational Development

Organizational development is an understanding of how an organization adapts and flexes to execute effectively under a constant barrage of changing conditions...

Executive Coaching

Often when leaders ascend into positions that require new skillsets and ways of thinking they find themselves in uncharted waters. It is particularly true...